Hackers Schmackers

My site, and others, have been under attack for sometime, so apologise for the bog standard theme here … I’ll eventually find the time to recreate the site. At least you can still see a few of the pics. Actually, I should probably concentrate on uploading some new photos. 🙂

One Wedding Collection

Here are a selection of shots from a single wedding. It’s the moments that happen between the formalities that make lasting memories.

Oxegen 2008

Voted the best festival in Europe for 2008. It’s always a thrill capturing moments from the fan’s perspective, stuck in the crowd and surrounded by all the energy and excitement of each performance.


“Of the many beautiful monastic early Christian sites found thoughout and offshore Ireland, Inishmurray, now a glorious bird sanctuary, is one of the most complete and atmospheric, with a long history of, albeit intermittent settlement, stretching from the 6th to 20th centuries.”